We are thrilled by the thousads of facebook likes and the lively web traffic of our site - but ... we also invite you to pay us a real-life visit at AnnArt, for the whole experience of meeting contemporary art face-to-face!

It is easy to get to us: 1 Andrei Muresanu street - a very short walk from the Piata Victoriei Metro, a nice bicycle tour or indeed a car drive, with random parking nearby :) Map.


Whenever you come to the gallery, there will be two exhibitions for you to see - painting, sculpture, photography, drawing or installation. There is nothing more exciting for you to do than simply look at the art works. Take your time. You can leaf through our catalogues, have a chat with us if you want, or, indeed, on a lucky day, even meet the artist! Make friends with contemporary art: it is the art of your time!


We run HandsOnArts, in partnership with the AnnArt Foundation, a series of art workshops for children and adults. The aim is to inspire you to be at ease with art, curious to 'see' many different things, free to like it or not, confident to say what you believe and what you feel.


Who, me ? Yes, sure - you, the passionate art collector or an absolute beginner; the art investor or simply looking for a special present for a friend's birthday or wedding :) Whichever way, we assure you that you are inspired and in good hands at AnnArt! How? Easy: you buy directly from the gallery, you chose the work you like and either take it with you or have it delivered by us to an address you give us. How much does it cost? Anything from 50 euro to 15,000 and above, depending on the size, the technique and theartist's market position.

use our space

The gallery can become 'your place' - for a private party or a business event. The intensly-visual space, showing top-notch contemporary art, makes any moment here original and sophisticated: from the romantic dinner to a brunch with friends; from the seated conference to the product launch cocktail. We also have a 'blank wall' option, where we can 'strip' the space completely for an 'all-yours' unique event.

take part

We are not in this alone - we are eager to work with you to support young artists; to lobby for art in public spaces; to develop social responsibility projects, continuing education and volunteer programmes. Do you have a plan you want to talk to us about? Get in touch! You feel you can help us raise the profile of compemporary art? We'd love to hear from you!


We are open from monday to friday between 1pm - 7pm, and every first saturday of each month, between 11am - 3pm. And if you let us know in advance, we are happy to open the gallery for you outside the regular hours :)